Our Mission

The Mermaids act as ambassadors to the sea by educating our community about human-sourced ocean pollution and advocating for behaviors that benefit the ocean environment.

We owe SAVE THE MERMAIDS so much gratitude for fighting the good fight with grace and integrity. Your thoughtful and playful presentations chipped away at any resistance on our City Council. Who could say No to you? You also stand as role models for the girls and teens in our community. You are strong, smart, beautiful women who fiercely protect Mother Earth. Our feminity is powerful! Unstoppable! Love you forever.
— Cathy Murillo, Santa Barbara City Council Member

Beach Cleanups

The Mermaids love hosting cleanups of our lovely beaches and are happy to coordinate these for our community. We provide supplies, suggest locations in need of cleaning, data collection tools, and begin and end our cleanups with interesting conversations about our marine eco-system and plastic pollution’s threat to the ocean. If you would like to host your own cleanup, don’t hesitate to ask for a “how-to” email with instructions.


Zero-Waste Events and Consultation

The Mermaids have long since given up single-use plastic and assume the responsibility of helping our community and friends in hosting Mermaid Approved events–which means no single-use plastic of course! We are happy to lend our expertise on how to make your event as low-impact as possible in exchange for a percentage of the event’s proceeds. If you already host a zero-waste event, please let us know, so we can promote it and get involved in some way. The more events with zero waste, the greater the demand and eventually the lower the cost for zero-waste services. We hope to shift this event protocol from extreme to mainstream!

Surf Rodeo 2014

Surf Rodeo 2014


Save the Mermaids operates off of donations, thus we are always looking for our next fundraising event. We have a vast network, great social skills, and can always contribute our low environmental impact consultation services to ensure that your event fits with our mission.

What We've Achieved


  • Banned the Bag in Santa Barbara! Save the Mermaids joined with the CEC, Channel Keeper, and Surfrider to tirelessy fight for banning single-use plastic bags in the city and county of SB. And we succeeded! Starting May 14, Santa barbara officially joined 100 other California communities in eliminating disposable plastic grocery bags!
  • Created education programs that lead towards youth feeling more engaged and confident with their ocean environment. 
  • Spread ocean love to over 5000 children in the last few years through school presentations, events clean ups, and more. 
  • Caused restaurants locally and a few non-local to give up single-use plastics. 
  • Spread awareness and love for our oceans locally and worldwide!