Channel Islands Outfitters | Our home! CIO houses all the Mermaid merchandise and love. They give us access to all the sea toys so we can paddle and tour our sea. Channel Islands Outfitters is our Sailboat and we LOVE them. 

Swim Like a Mermaid | This beautiful, bikini company created by Sarah Nicole in Playa Del Rey, California encompasses the Mermaid spirit and donates 5% of their sales to Save the Mermaids.

Mothersun and the Captain | Lindsey Mickleson, is a local artist/designer who comes up with the most beautiful logos, representing Save the Mermaids. She captures our essence in art and displays it in the most beautiful of ways. Follow her at @mothersun_lovechild on Instagram.

Santa Barbara Roasting Company | RoCo donates coffee sacks that they otherwise toss out to the Mermaids for our beach cleanups. We are so grateful to have an alternative to plastic bags, “compostable plastic” bags, or hard plastic buckets. We are able to reuse the coffee bags by washing them following our cleanups.

Big Media Print | Provides Save the Mermaids with amazing Mermaid T-shirts.

Santa Barbara Soaps | Santa Barbara Soaps creates artisanal handcrafted sea salt soaps from scratch. This local company has crafted a "Mermaid Soap" that donates 50% of it's proceeds to our non-profit. 

Plum Goods |  A local, hand crafted, fair trade gift store in Santa Barbara that carries our Mermaid soap. They give back to the Mermaids every month in correspondence with the Mermaid Soap sales.

Mermaid Approved Businesses

Channel Islands Outfitters
Santa Barbara Juice Ranch
Santa Barbara Farmers Market