Don't Eat the Fish, Don't Kiss the Mermaids

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Last week (October 17, 2013) I met with Dr. Andrea Neal, the incredible scientist to whom I credit all my curiosity and knowledge about ocean pollution, particularly plastic nano-particle pollutants (more: She informed me that NOT ONE TUNA HAS BEEN CAUGHT OFF OUR COAST IN THE PAST YEAR WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT LEVELS OF RADIOACTIVITY.

Dr. Andrea Neal of Blue Ocean Sciences

This news dramatically impacts my diet, does it impact yours? It is only going to get worse as the currents bring the ever increasing radioactive waste towards our coastline. I encourage you to sign a petition to encourage our global community (via the UN) to take ACTION...

I also encourage you to do your research regarding our energy sources, so that you truly understand our limited options right now. Due to our high consumption of energy, demand for power is causing us to burn fuel like never before and it continues to pollute our air, water, and land. Fossil fuels MUST BE PHASED OUT NOW.

The US is responsible for approximately 20% of world CO2 emissions. (5,461,014 thousand tonnes annually)

Here is a link to a summary of a report conducted by NASA that provides an objective, long-term, quantitative analysis of the effects of nuclear power on human health (mortality) and the environment (climate). The paper demonstrates that without nuclear power, it will be even harder to mitigate human-caused climate change and air pollution and that despite the three major nuclear accidents the world has experienced, nuclear power prevented an average of over 1.8 million net deaths worldwide between more, see graphs:

We are scrambling to move towards alternative energy sources that are less harsh on our environment; however, since it's not an instant switch, it's important we seriously consider nuclear as a stepping stone towards a fossil fuel free future. In fact this is precisely the debate I did a short documentary on over this summer for UCSB. As we see the catastrophic global effects of Fukushima, it's critical that if we continue to rely on nuclear as a power source that these power plants are double! triple! quadruple! checked by multiple trustworthy agencies and ACTUALLY regulated to the highest of standards to ensure that this never happens again. This mean our government enforcing more frequent and thorough reviews, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staying accountable to diverse credible institutions, and the companies running the plants (in Diablo Canyon's case, PG&E) must be held to transparent standards of operation that ensure the reactors and spent fuel are safe from disaster.

Did you know we have a nuclear power plant nestled atop multiple fault lines on our central coastline right now? Watch "The Devil's Dilemma," a UCSB Blue Horizons and Nuke Kook's production and let me know your thoughts! xx

Nestled along the gorgeous Central Coast of California, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is also resting on top of numerous interconnected fault lines.

UCSB Students Sam Lepore, Kate Nelson, Kosuke Fujikura, and Jamie Van Soelen who made the short documentary "The Devil's Dilemma" for their Carsey Wolfe Center / Blue Horizons Final Project.

The Devil's Dilemma: Nuclear Power Plant on California's Central Coast