Vancouver to Recycle DIRTY BUTTS

Cigarette Butts (filters) are made of plastic, cellulose acetate to be exact. They are the #1 item collected in beach cleanups worldwide. Small tiny filters jam packed with carcinogens and other inorganic chemicals that could take thousands of years to degrade.

Vancouver, on a mission to become the world's greenest city by 2020, launched a โ€œcigarette butt collection and recycling programโ€ unlike anywhere in the world.

There are slim bins on the sides of buildings where people can deposit their butt, it will be collected, and recycled by not-for-profit recycling center, United We Can, into various industrial applications, such as shipping pallets. U.S.-based company, TerraCycle Inc., is to cover most of the pilot program costs and will pay United We Can about $5 for every pound of butts collected, when dried.

Save the Mermaids sends our beach cleanup data to Sacramento to help Assemblyman Das Williams extend "producer responsibility" to cigarette manufacturers.