Festival Like a MERMAID

Festival Like a Mermaid

Mermaids and Mermen, festival season is back and we are SO EXCITED. Shell bras packed, rides planned, but we’re most prepared to stay ocean-minded all weekend long. Check out these tips on what to pack and how to stay sustainable while festival frolicking!


Reusable Water Bottle: Don’t forget to stay HYDRATED and don’t dry out, Mermaids! If you’re camping, make sure you know where all nearby faucets are. But never have an excuse to buy a plastic water bottle – bring your own reusable one.

Reusable plate/cup/utensils: Don’t get caught asking for a plastic fork, or grabbing a red solo cup or free plastic water cup without realizing it!

If you want to make eating easy, healthy, and inexpensive, pack your own food into tupperware. If you do it all yourself, you can make sure as little waste as possible is produced (plus you don’t have to wait in those food truck lines…). Keep an eye out for biodegradable or paper to-go containers, and make sure you divide trash properly into compostable, recyclable, and regular trash.

Headlamp/Flashlight/LED lights: Make sure you have one of these so you use absolutely NO GLOW, but can still party at night!

Glowsticks are one time-use plastic AND they’re filled with yucky toxic chemicals. If you want an alternative, use LED lights (which you can reuse night after night).

Sunblock: Save a Mermaid and your own skin – check out our mer-made DIY sunblock recipe on our blog: http://www.savethemermaids.org/uncategorized/au-naturel-mer-made-lotion/

NO GLITTER!!! As Mermaids, this is the hardest for us to compromise. However, glitter is made out of tiny plastic flakes…that get onto EVERYTHING…and then never biodegrade. IF you are at a festival and Mermaids are near, maybe ask them if they have some biodegradable glitter to sparkle you up with! You never know, Mermaids love sparkles….

Fear not, festival mermaids – you can still sparkle all day and all night!

Look for salt, sugar, or gum-based edible glitter, but be careful: some edible glitters use PLASTIC – and can label it as non-toxic because the glitter flakes are small enough to pass through your system without being absorbed. EW. We want plastic OUT of our bodies and OUT of our hands.

Pick up trash wherever you can! And if you’re a smoker, hold on to your butt! Dropping cigarette butts on the ground, although common in public areas, is still LITTERING.

Lastly, have fun out there, festival mermaids! Together we share and teach in our fellow festival music community! Let’s Save some Mermaids together! Keep an eye out for sustainable living workshops. Be responsible for your impact on the earth. And take pictures!! Tag us with #festlikeamermaid to show how you reduced plastic pollution, or just how you SPARKLED LIKE A MERMAID at your festival!

So throw on your shell bras, sequins, star fish, jingles, eyelashes, and biodegradable glitter! We cannot wait to SPARKLE with you there!