Live Like Lisa

Save the Mermaids would like to take a moment to share the story of Lisa Nakamaru:

Born and raised in Southern California.  She attended South Torrance High School and graduated in 2012.  She was active in the Associate Student Body, holding various positions, including ASB Vice-president her senior year.  She was also an athletic trainer, not only helping injured athletes but also cheering for her team on and off the field.  She continued her education at UC Davis and wanted to major in Human Development to become a child counselor or therapist to help children in need.  Lisa enjoyed playing for the UC Davis Ultimate Frisbee team and was co-captain due to her positive attitude and leadership skills. She was a compassionate person that had the knack for anybody (including animals) to feel loved and comfortable, always smiling and reaching out to those in need.  

She had a special love for the ocean as she grew up less than 2 miles away and with numerous visits to Maui to visit relatives with her family.  She would visit her local beach every chance she had, even in the winter.  She will often pick up trash at the local beaches with her friends or whenever she traveled.  Last summer, she even saved a few people that almost drowned as they were jumping off cliffs in Abalone Cove into crashing waves.  A few weeks later an unfortunate accident happened where a teenager did drown at the same spot. That was Lisa, always thinking of others with her big heart.  

She had a passion for travel and her goal was to step on every continent.  She had quoted Jack Johnson's lyrics, "See what there is to see, time is just a melody" on Instagram.  She crossed off 3, including Africa in 2014 before her tragic river rafting accident in October of 2014 at the young age of 20.  She is survived by her grandparents, parents, 2 older brothers and her beloved dog, Rosie.    

She lived life to the fullest with compassion and faced challenges with courage and a zest for life.  Donations were and are being made to organizations that reflect Lisa's passion in her honor, including Save the Mermaids. We thank you, Lisa, for your water loving presence on this planet. You are a Mermaid at heart.

For all the passionate, adventurous, loving moments #LiveLikeLisa on Instagram.