4Ocean, their bracelets, and coral restoration

Long time no sea!

It has been quite the last few months for me, but now I'm back for some more ocean talk with all of you mermaids!

My recent plastic-free discovery is none other than 4Ocean and their great campaign to reduce plastic waste in our ocean. It all started with two surfers, Alex and Andrew, who became troubled with the overwhelming amount of plastic pollution in our ocean. They started their own non-profit where they sell bracelets made from recycled plastic trash, and with each purchase they remove a pound of trash from the ocean. In their first year alone, they removed over 250,000 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. They take any and all volunteers willing to help pick up trash through beach cleanups, in their boats, or diving down while snorkeling in order to help their cause. 

Not only do they inspire me with their dedication to limiting plastic pollution, but they also have teamed up with the Coral Restoration Foundation whose goal is to plant and restore coral reefs as well as educating youth on coral reefs and how to protect them. In this time of growing fossil fuel emissions and climate change that drastically has affected our reefs, we need to work to restore them now more than ever. 

If you're interested in either of these volunteer projects in cleaning our oceans or helping to restore them, checkout the 4Ocean page and the Coral Restoration website to see the best way to start helping out. Also, since education is the first step to making a difference here, make sure to share these resources with friends and family!

Best Fishes,

Aqua Ally


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