Eco-Fads: what do we do about them?


We see them in clothes, books, movies, and even food. A widespread obsession over a specific thing, whatever that may be, and sometimes... they don't last.

People are always rushing to be a part of the next "big thing." Sometimes that takes the form of a new fashion style, which may go right back out of style within six months or so. Or a new health kick, which may only last till the next one comes along. Point being, people tend to cling to one thing while it's popular but then jump to the next. This turns out to be an environmental issue in itself as it leads to a bit of over-consumerism, but it has taken an even bigger toll: eco-friendly items have become the newest fad.

Hurray, right?! Isn't that what all of the environmental activists wanted in the first place? For bamboo straws to become popular? For re-usable stainless steel to become a part of every lunch kit? For companies to take a "green initiative" in their marketing?

Yes, of course, we love the enthusiasm in the "green" department. We love the innovative thinking when it comes to coming up with alternatives to single-use plastics and other harmful substances.  We applaud people for taking a stand for what they see to be important and actually going out there and doing it. We also love the fact that other people are catching on and getting on this bandwagon, too.

Ideally, though, people would see the time and place for these items and use them/support them for the right reasons. Just because a new bamboo toothbrush comes on the market doesn't mean to throw away the plastic one you've been re-using for a couple of months. Keep using it until you physically can't anymore, then donate it to an aquarium to clean their tanks or use it for your own purposes... don't just throw it out simply because a more environmental option came around! That kinda defeats the purpose. Isn't it ironic that a good cause like bamboo toothbrushes or stainless steel water bottles/etc could actually lead people to throwing away their plastic prematurely, thus adding to the original issue? 

I'm not bashing these new companies, their sustainable ideas, or anything like that. I'm just saying: be thoughtful about it! If a company comes out with a new sustainable item and you already have that same kind of item... use the one you have till you can't anymore and then make the switch!

I also encourage you to do your own research to see what the best alternatives may be before simply hopping on a bandwagon. It's always important to know the reason why you're doing something, and the more informed you are... the better you'll be at explaining why others should join you, too! 

Please keep up the raging enthusiasm in terms of instigating change when it comes to the environment... but also do so in a thoughtful manner. Education is power, people! And being extra methodical in your approach will only benefit you in the long run.

Let's break the idea of fads when it comes to the environment. Instead, let's make it a long-term lifestyle change that breaks up into small gradual goals.

Best Fishes,

Aqua Ally


Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.
— Stephen Covey