Plastic Free Workshop with Kate Nelson

Through the Save The Mermaids Club at UC Santa Barbara, we had Kate Nelson (@plasticfreemermaid) come and speak and host a workshop in May.

At this workshop, Kate gave us insight in her journey. She calls the pieces of her journey her “plastic awakenings” which started off small like not using plastic red-solo cups at parties in college and water bottles, which then eventually grew to completely quitting plastics around 10 years ago.

Quitting plastics?! Sounds pretty crazy and difficult, but Kate has shared her story and how she does it via social media and is in the process of writing a book, as well. Definitely check out her instagram, facebook and website for more information.

At her workshop, we learned about her personal journey, talked about our own relationships with plastics and other single-use items, and held a conversation about what we found easy and difficult to manage in a place like USA where plastics are everywhere.

One recommendation that Kate had was to read a book called “Estrogeneration” about how plastics make people fat, sick and infertile. She explained how BPA’s and thalloids leach chemicals through heat, fat and duration of time. This causes issues because drinking water out of plastic bottles essentially means we are drinking estrogen water, messing with our hormones drastically that can impact reproduction and even alter genetic makeup that is passed down to future generations. Fats are lipophilic, triggering bodies to accumulate fat when we utilize plastics as they are made from oils, as well.

Kate also shared some awesome recipes with us. Here are a few…

1) Deoderant:
-3 spoons coconut oil

-2 spoons arrow root powder

-1 spoon bicarb/baking soda or clay

-can add beeswax or cacao butter

2) Toothpaste

-bicarb, baking soda, clay, peppermint oils

3) Shampoo


4) Conditioner

-apple cider vinegar (1/2 cup)

-water (2 cup)

-essential oils (rosemary)


I highly recommend trying some of these out and following Kate on her social media to find a lot more where that came from (as well as her book coming out!)

This plastic free july, there will be some really difficult things to give up (some of those being the things listed above), so let’s see if we can make some of our own products instead of relying on plastic-wrapped products that aren’t good for our health, anyways.

Best Fishes,

Aqua Ally