What is a Mermaid Lifestyle?

 A Mermaid lifestyle is a conscious lifestyle. We love our earth, from the trees to the kelp beds. We are aware of our presence on this planet and live our lives accordingly.

Plastic free

Plastic free for the sea! We refuse to use single-use plastics. No wrappers, plastic beverage bottles, plastic bags, STRAWS, etc.. We bring chopsticks instead of plastic utensils and use mason jars instead of plastic cups. This is our effort as Mermaids to set an example for our community.


Mermaids aren't big shoppers. We'd rather spend our sand dollars on adventures than buy clothes and trinkets. Shells become jewelry, drift wood as home decor, and our feet prefer to be bare than in heels. When we do buy we try to buy used. We frequent thrift stores and yard sales.


Mermaids support local hunters and harvesters. We frequent the Farmers Market for organic produce. We partner with local fisherman who use sustainable practices. We love local restaurants and stores that make an effort to be green. 

Au natural skincare

If what we put in our body is organic what we put on our body should be as well. A huge part of this Mermaid style blog is the creation of our own balms, lotions, and beauty products. 


It's easy and fun! It brings out the beautiful, creative side that we all possess. Stay tuned for LOTS of DIY ideas.


Mermaids swim, walk, bike, sail, and carpool as much as they can. They like to get where they need to be by using their bodies

Give, recycle

Mermaids give back what they don't need. They recycle their waste. They give old clothes to friends and thrift shops. They give their extra time to do beach cleans and educate others. 

Swims and walks with Nature

We love to bask in the Big Blue. We walk the mountains, explore the reefs, and play in the sand. We are sun babies and full moon gazers. 

This Mermaid life is an integrative idea. We strive to be the best we can be for ourselves and the Earth. Mermaids aren't perfect though. We slip sometimes, but we recognize when we do and make the effort to change. This lifestyle is MAGIC but it's not easy. It's an ongoing challenge that we will strive to live for the rest of our lives. It is also endlessly rewarding. Your mental, physical, and spiritual health thrive in these conditions.