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Ocean Explorers Spring Break Camp

Spring Break! Let’s spend your Spring Break building up confidence in the ocean by building our ocean knowledge and learning fundamentals of each ocean sport! Kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddling, bodysurfing, a beach cleanup, and beach games everyday. Let’s make some SPLASHES together for this week of FUN. As Spring is the time for whale migration we will be discussing our local marine wildlife! What are baline verses tooth whales, how many do we have in our channel, where do they come from, what do they eat and more!

Our goal is to get your children out on the water during this week and give them hands-on experiential and meaningful interactions with our ocean. By learning sports that help connect to the ocean and its vastness beyond, we will give your ocean explorers a chance to build confidence in the water while giving them a unique perspective to view fish, seal, sea lions, dolphins, and possibly whales below or above the water.

The goal is to encourage lifelong behaviors that are influenced by the connection between healthy oceans, personal health, and the health of our community. What is so exciting about education programs that spend time on the water is that when we are engaged with the ocean, touching the ocean, it is inevitable that we will harbor and grow compassion for the sea. Let’s PLAY and from there learn to nurture and protect.

All instructors have Ocean Risk Management, Wilderness First Responder and First Aid/CPR certifications.  Ocean Explorers Spring Break Monday - Friday 9:00am-1:00pm.  This program is for children ages 7-14 who can complete 50M swim test.